Real Canadians Talking Real Health Care

by Admin on September 2, 2009 · 155 comments

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As our health care debate has overheated, myths about the Canadian health care system abound. The Republicans and the media are using the Canadian system to criticize everything from the public option to breast cancer treatment as they continue to stonewall any reform. This video, and more like it, might finally change the debate by forcing the American media to get off their arses and go tell the truth about Healthcare around the world, and how it towers over the wretched mess we have in the United States. Too many lives are running out of time.

Why this video? Why now?

In the spirit of truth, my friend Matte Black (@Shoq on Twitter) and his brother took their video camera to Canada on vacation to interview Canadians about their health care system. When we talked about it, I asked him to try to get negative views with specifics for balance. Here is the result. It has been edited for brevity, but the negative views were not removed, because there were none. He could not find one Canadian who thought they should kill the system. These are everyday people. They have no agenda at all other than being patriotic Canadians.

Please watch it and share it with as many people as you can.

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