What if We Do Nothing About Health Care Reform?

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If we do nothing about health care reform:

Up to 17 million more people will be uninsured by 2019 than today.


The average family’s health care costs will nearly double by 2020, from $13,000 to $24,000

— meaning they’ll be paying a quarter of their income toward health care costs.


Insurers can continue the massive and arbitrary premium rate increases we’ve heard about

recently — such as Anthem Blue Cross raising rates for customers in California by nearly

40%, and rates in Illinois going up by as much as 60%.


As many as 275,000 people could die prematurely over the next 10 years because they

don’t have health insurance.


Health care costs will take up a staggering amount of our national budget. In 1960, it was 5

percent of gross domestic product (GDP), last year it was 17 percent. Costs will reach 21

percent of our economy by 2020 if we fail to act.


Rapidly rising costs will make it harder for employers — particularly small businesses — to

provide quality health insurance to employees, leading many to drop coverage or shift to

plans that cover less.

Even those who have insurance today will be less secure, and more likely to lose coverage if

they switch jobs or lose their job due to rising costs on the individual market or being

denied coverage due to a pre-existing condition.


Although this information comes from the Organizing for America site, there’s nothing controversial about this fact set.

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