Castlight Health CMO Dena Bravata on the Supreme Court decision

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Castlight Health provides transparency on the cost, quality and convenience of health care providers. In this podcast interview, Dr. Dena Bravata, Castlight’s Chief Medical Officer, explains how the Supreme Court ruling will affect Castlight and its partners in the employer, health plan and provider world.

In short, people are increasingly likely to find themselves in a high deductible health plan, where their out-of-pocket costs are strongly affected by how they access the provider network. Castlight is evolving its offerings to support employees who are subject to more advanced, value-based benefit designs. Such designs may incorporate centers of excellence, onsite clinics, and the like –and Castlight is making it easier for patients to navigate.

Naturally, employers have been among the first to gravitate to the Castlight value proposition. But it’s also interesting to hear Dena describe how some high-value providers are coming to embrace Castlight as well.

If you’d like to see how things have evolved over the past couple years, check out the transcript of my 2010 interview with Dr. Bravata.


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