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I’m sitting in Health2Con watching all the information that medical devices like glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, and scales can transmit to mobile devices and then to platforms that providers can monitor asynchronously.

I predict there will be a new position created in providers’ offices, and perhaps insurers as well, called “Data Monitor,” who will be like a social media monitoring service that sits on these platforms all day and determines which patients require attention and which ones are controlling their own health care.

This will require a level of engagement from patients that not all patients may be willing to give, but it will be required in the future by either employers or insurers to keep health care costs in check. Right now, it’s limited to people who choose to play, but I see that changing as this experience moves from self-selected fitness fanatics and people who want to lose weight to the general public in programs like Medicaid and employer-sponsored health care.
The new component is the opening of EHRs like Epic, notoriously secretive in the past, to APIs. Now we have a need for integration of all the device data into platforms.

Some new devices:

Spire, a small stone that you hook on to your bra or belt. It takes your respiration patterns and activity levels to show whether you are focused, tense, or calm.

Evoke Neuroscience, a medical grade EEG and heart rate monitor, now has a Wave band that pairs with a Wave headset and tracks activity, respiration, brain sensors, and heart rate. The Wave Band pairs with the Evoke app or any other fitness app. This provides interaction between brain and heart. It’s also gamified.

MiCoach from Adidas has sensors knit into a shirt, and speaks to an app that gets info from a heart rate monitor and gives specific coaching and training advice.

Sensoria Fitness has a smart sock that tracks fitness and heart rate.

Withings Activite combines time with activity tracking. The design is gorgeous, and it can be made waterproof by changing the band.

And last, and I think still best: the Misfit Shine. An elegant personal activity monitor you can wear anywhere. This is what I wear.

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