Dear Seniors: Paul Ryan Wants You Bankrupt First, Then You Can Die

by Karoli 04.14.2011

Here’s an outline of what Paul Ryan wants to do to Medicare: Eligibility Age Increased from age 65 to age 69 1/2. Automatic payment reduction – If Medicare payments exceed prior fiscal years’ payments by 145%, providers automatically paid 1% less Medicare recipients age 55 and older may be covered by current traditional Medicare at […]

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Insurers really, really want a public option. No, really. They do.

by Karoli 07.23.2010

They didn’t use those words, but that’s what they’re saying, nevertheless. There are two principles at stake here: First, that discrimination against sick people is a thing of the past; and second, that the days of cherry-picking insured groups are over. Either insurance companies can get on board, or else they are begging for Lynn […]

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RAND Study: Health Care Bill Covers Most People At Lowest Government Cost

by Karoli 06.13.2010

The Rand Corporation recently completed a comparison of 2000 different health policy scenarios and concluded that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act provides health insurance coverage to the largest number of people while keeping costs as low as possible. That’s a remarkable conclusion from an organization that isn’t known for bias toward policy decisions […]

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Look into my crystal ball with me…it’s January 1, 2014

by Karoli 03.11.2010

Imagine you are one of the millions in this country who can’t get health insurance because you have a pre-existing condition. Now roll the clock forward to January 1, 2014 and walk with me down the virtual hallways of a brand-new marketplace, a marketplace where you can buy some peace of mind and help for […]

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