Pre-existing conditions, ratings and exclusions

by Karoli 12.17.2009

There seems to be a lack of understanding about the difference between the terms exclusion and rating for pre-existing conditions. So let’s clear it up. Pre-existing conditions in today’s terms Insurers may deny individual coverage based upon any pre-existing condition, and not only coverage for the condition itself, but anything they deem to be related […]

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Public Option Dead? Or Recrafted?

by Karoli 12.08.2009

My answer: A little of both. Let’s start with an assumption that the rumors are actually true. It’s an assumption, subject to change later. (Update: Here’s the official release from Harry Reid with no details but also no eulogy for the public option. Update #2: Talking Points Memo has some sketchy unconfirmed anonymous details that […]

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Health Care Reform Hit Parade: Senate Mix

by Karoli 11.23.2009

Now that the big “debate the bill” vote is passed, we have a week for pundits on both sides of the aisle to misinform the public about what the future of the health care reform bill is. There are two tunes, one theme, and melodies underneath both. There’s an unsung chorus or two in there, […]

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Why health care reform matters: This could be any of us

by Karoli 11.05.2009

(Note: A friend asked me to post this here. She is a real person with a real job who doesn’t want to be identified, for reasons that will be apparent when you read it. Her story is all too familiar. It’s really time for Congress to stop the games and get this done.) I’m having […]

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