Rock Health Creates Community Around Changing Health Care

by Admin 01.23.2012

  I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Rock HealthHealth Innovation Summit onJan.20th. It was the third day of a conference that highlighteddevelopment, design, and business issues around the potential for health care transformation through technology. The room was full, and the audience stayed until the end, even on a Friday afternoon. Why? […]

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Can Health Care Innovation Get Past the Big Players?

by Admin 01.20.2012

The difficulties that health technology innovators will have breaking into the health care industry were no more clearly illustrated than by the talk given by Dr. Sam Ho, Chief Medical Officer of United Health Benefits Group, on the third day of San Francisco-based health incubator Rock Health’s  Health Innovation Summit. After two days of exciting […]

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You Can Get Your Health Data

by Admin 09.26.2011

Here at Health 2.0 there is definitely an air of transformation. Several initiatives that I had been following have come to fruition, or at least to critical mass, among them implementation of EMRs and patient communities. MedHelp now has over 12 million visitors a month, while millions of women annually visit the women’s social health […]

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Half of Consumers Think Health Care Spending is Wasted

by Admin 08.26.2011

We appear to have “bent the curve” in health care spending last year; national health spending grew at a historically unprecedented low of  3.9%. That’s including all national health expenditures — private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, and out-of-pocket expenses. You would think this was a good thing, right? But according to Deloitte’s new survey, not […]

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