Have Health 2.0 Companies Jumped the Shark?

by Admin 10.10.2012

Health 2.0 companies have jumped the shark, although health care transformation itself  has barely begun. How can this be? It’s easy. The money found the space. Over a billion dollars were invested in mobile health applications so far, and that’s only one part of the space covered by what has now evolved into a meet […]

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Health in Reach Makes Care Available for the Uninsured

by Admin 09.10.2012

Health in Reach, Inc., a free online service that helps consumers reduce out-of-pocket medical expenses, launches its new CarePoints™ reward program this morning at Tech Crunch Disrupt. Care Points are like “frequent flyer miles” for health care; awards points for appointments booked with dentists and doctors online through the Health In Reach website. The CarePoints […]

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Health in Reach Merges With PriceDoc for Nationwide Discount Health Services

by Admin 05.15.2012

You all know I mentor at Rock Health, the San Francisco-based accelerator for health care startups. I am very impressed with the energy and passion with which the startups there address the broken health care industry. So it is with total conflict of interest , but also a lot of pride, that I announce the […]

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Physician Incomes Decline, Medscape Survey Reveals

by Admin 04.25.2012

Bad news for young physicians coming out of school with big debt, and for people who are worried about an upcoming physician shortage. “Physician income declined in general, although the top-earning specialties remained the same as in Medscape’s 2011 survey. In 2012, radiologists and orthopedic surgeons topped the list at $315,000, followed by cardiologists ($314,000), […]

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