We Don’t Need More Data

by Admin 07.23.2013

Data porn. That’s what Dave Sifry said it was. I’m glad I finally have the right name for it — the onslaught of data that has suddenly entered all our lives, but doesn’t help us at all, and may indeed hurt us. It may be data, but it’s not actionable information, and if we expect […]

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Shh..Here Comes the Monitor?

by Admin 01.10.2013

Although my geeky friends and I have been wearing fitness monitoring devices for years (I’ve personally tried Fitbit, Jawbone Up and Nike Fuel Band), This is the year they’re destined to hit the consumer market. You know this because this week’s  Consumer Electronics Show featured more than a dozen launches — some of new products […]

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Death by Diet

by Admin 12.11.2011

Until you have gone off the deep end on nutritional therapy as I have, a Western medicine aficionado has every reason to doubt its effectiveness. Thr only people who know how useful it is to tightly control the toxins, vitamins, and foods that go into their bodies are the people who MUST know: very sick […]

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How to Avoid an Early Death

by Admin 11.29.2011

As the widow of a doctor, I have devoted a lot of energy to thinking how to live to a healthy old age. Life extension theory has changed radically over the course of my life. When I was a kid, there was not much processed food, and we ate meat, vegetables, and potatoes, along with […]

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