You Can Get Your Health Data

by Admin 09.26.2011

Here at Health 2.0 there is definitely an air of transformation. Several initiatives that I had been following have come to fruition, or at least to critical mass, among them implementation of EMRs and patient communities. MedHelp now has over 12 million visitors a month, while millions of women annually visit the women’s social health […]

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Can We Lower Health Costs Through Prevention? Not so Fast

by Admin 06.02.2011

Everyone in health IT is looking at the proliferation of mobile devices and wireless communications capacity and they are salivating. Now, they say, we are finally going to be able to monitor the vital signs, activity levels, food intake, lifestyle habits of patients and use all this information for prevention. Remote monitoring will bring about […]

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Medicine That Talks to Your Phone

by Admin 01.31.2011

My friend Robert Scoble just came back from Davos and spoke to Andrew Thompson of Proteus Biomedical, a company that keeps track of your medications and sends information about your health condition to your phone. If you are a provider, or an insurer, please adopt this as soon as it gets FDA-approved (going through the […]

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New Excuse to Buy that Smart Phone: The Continuous Physical

by Admin 12.21.2010

The greatest opportunity for cost savings and increased quality in health care is mobile wireless technology.  Many engineers already know this;  Withings‘ scale that sends information to the computer, Nike and the iPod, and Fitbit come to mind, transmitting user fitness data to online databases. But why can’t this be done for medical patients — […]

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