Barack Obama

ObamaCare and You

by Admin 09.23.2013

Obamacare is like cilantro: people either love it or hate it. However, unlike cilantro, Obamacare can’t be avoided. It is going to happen, for better or for worse. I’ve spent twenty-five years thinking about the need for health care reform in the US, starting in the 80’s when Intergroup, Arizona’s first health maintenance organization, was […]

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A Doctor Talks About ObamaCare Issues

by Admin 02.13.2013

A physician friend of mine answered my last post about Obamacare’s unintended consequences privately. I asked him if I could share his comments if I kept him anonymous, so I said I would. Here it is: I read your last newsletter regarding your surprise and disappointment with your recent experience on the fringes of Obamacare […]

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Health Care Debate Needs a Facilitator

by Admin 02.25.2010

I spent most of the day watching the health care summit President Obama held at Blair House today. I’ve drawn only a few new conclusions. 1)The process needs an independent, trained facilitator.  The President isn’t one. He’s in favor of his own proposals; his party has a dog in the hunt. That reduces his credibility. […]

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