Health Care Debate Needs a Facilitator

by Admin 02.25.2010

I spent most of the day watching the health care summit President Obama held at Blair House today. I’ve drawn only a few new conclusions. 1)The process needs an independent, trained facilitator.  The President isn’t one. He’s in favor of his own proposals; his party has a dog in the hunt. That reduces his credibility. […]

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The Muddy, Messy Healthcare Debate

by Karoli 03.25.2009

Earlier this month, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said something that should have raised the antennae of every health care reform advocate in the country, but has been drowned in the rising furor over AIG executives and other distractions. From the Wall Street Journal: The comment came at a committee hearing where Tim Geithner was testifying […]

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President Obama Signs SCHIP Bill

by Karoli 02.04.2009

…and shoots across the bow of obstructionists in Congress. Expanded SCHIP benefits were widely supported on a bipartisan basis and sailed to President Obama’s desk where he signed it into law with a flourish and a warning.

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Rep. Clyburn: No Health Care Reform in 2009?

by Karoli 01.30.2009

Representative James Clyburn, on whether health care reform will be on Congress’ agenda in 2009.

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