How Can You Ignore Something that’s 18% of Our GDP?

by Admin 01.19.2010

The pundit are saying the election today is a referendum on Obama’s health care reform plan. Massachusetts voters, they say, don’t care about health care reform. That’s too easy. People in Massachusetts already have universal health care. If they vote down Ted Kennedy’s legacy, it will be for many other reasons: either they don’t care […]

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Pandemic Flu Prevention: For want of a horseshoe nail the economy was lost?

by Karoli 04.27.2009

Today’s news that $850 million in funds earmarked for pandemic flu prevention and preparation was stripped from the stimulus package at the request of Republicans who claimed such funds were not stimulative comes as no surprise, but it may be a lesson far costlier than $850 million. Besides the looming and possibly dire public health […]

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Healthcare and Economic Recovery: Joined at the hip

by Karoli 03.07.2009

If our economy is to grow, health care reform must become reality, sooner rather than later. It is no longer realistic to expect this nation’s employers — large and small — to bear the skyrocketing costs of insuring employees and their families. Yet there has been a rising swell from some conservative quarters that there […]

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Why the Stimulus Package Will Work

by Karoli 02.19.2009

I was going to write a nice dry post about all the changes that the economic stimulus package (ARRA) made to COBRA, but then I noticed that it has been done by many who have spent a considerable amount of time researching it. Instead, I’m going to update my COBRA story. I. Draconian Decisions Like […]

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