Health Care Reform: HHS Beacon Program

by Admin 07.21.2010

President Obama’s HiTech Act, enacted right after he took office, should produce a major transformation in American health care when it gets going. Along with the health care reform legislation that was dragged kicking and screaming through Congress last spring, the Act could put the planets in alignment for real change in the way care […]

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Who owns your medical record?

by Karoli 04.22.2009

This is my dilemma over the EHR debate: Why don’t I have full access to my own medical records? Try to go get access and see how far you’ll get. I discovered this several years ago when my insurance company denied coverage for a prescribed medication and I had to file several appeals. My appeals […]

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Health Care Reform: Where can we agree?

by Karoli 03.21.2009

Why is it that when discussing the need for health care reform, it seems to boil down to a simplistic formula on both sides of the debate? Over and over again, I hear the same tired arguments; namely, that any sort of reformation of our health care system will lead to socialism and the ruination […]

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Western States Health e-Connection Summit March 2-3

by Admin 02.14.2009

Heads up! I’ve been working on the transition to electronic health records in the state of Arizona for years.  Gov. Janet Napolitano mandated the initiative when she first was elected, and there have been working groups trying to solve the enormously complex logistical problems surrounding standards, continuity of care, legalities, privacy, etc during all this […]

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