Electronic health record

You Can Get Your Health Data

by Admin 09.26.2011

Here at Health 2.0 there is definitely an air of transformation. Several initiatives that I had been following have come to fruition, or at least to critical mass, among them implementation of EMRs and patient communities. MedHelp now has over 12 million visitors a month, while millions of women annually visit the women’s social health […]

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Why You Will Soon Get Access to Your Health Information

by Admin 01.11.2010

A few years ago, my partners in AHITA.org ( a non-profit organized to help providers implement EHRs)  and I implemented an electronic health record in a physician practice. Along the way, we evaluated every major product and discussed with the physicians in the practice what they needed and how to examine their workflows to automate.  […]

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How to Implement EHRs (if at all)

by Admin 01.21.2009

Now that Obama has told people that health IT is on his radar screen for public investment, all the interest groups are lining up.  Below are some excerpts from a blog post by the head of the Commission on Health Information Technology,

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