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Hospitals Noticeable Upgrading Health IT Systems

by Admin 10.22.2013

I’ve been asked by my doctor to get him a film of an imaging study done in the ER. To get it, I have to pick it up in person or wait for it to be mailed. I decide to pick it up.   In the bowels of the hospital is the Health Information Management […]

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Health in Reach Makes Care Available for the Uninsured

by Admin 09.10.2012

Health in Reach, Inc., a free online service that helps consumers reduce out-of-pocket medical expenses, launches its new CarePoints™ reward program this morning at Tech Crunch Disrupt. Care Points are like “frequent flyer miles” for health care; awards points for appointments booked with dentists and doctors online through the Health In Reach website. The CarePoints […]

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Healthcare’s Contract With America: Routine Maintenance

by Admin 08.04.2010

Until the 1970s, most medical care was primary care. Certain primary care doctors were known to be better at diagnosing things than others, and if you thought something was really wrong and your own doctor couldn’t figure it out, you went to a diagnostician. While these talented people may have charged a bit more, I […]

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Health Care Reform: HHS Beacon Program

by Admin 07.21.2010

President Obama’s HiTech Act, enacted right after he took office, should produce a major transformation in American health care when it gets going. Along with the health care reform legislation that was dragged kicking and screaming through Congress last spring, the Act could put the planets in alignment for real change in the way care […]

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