health care reform

Big Health Insurers Already Trying to Game Reform

by Admin 05.18.2010

One of the provisions in the health care reform law passed in March says insurance companies must use 80% of the premiums they collect to provide actual health care– meaning, to pay claims. What a concept. Unfortunately, as the regulations for the legislation are being written in Washington, the same lobbyists who tried to stop […]

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Meet the New Cigna: Not Your Father’s Health Plan

by Admin 04.24.2010

Health care reform isn’t over.  For patients, it has just begun. The health plans are beginning to figure out how they will survive and thrive under the new rules, and the way forward is, according to one managed care exec, to change how providers are paid. This will have consequences. Jeffrey Kang, MD, chief medical […]

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InformationTechnology in Health Care: Coming Soon (er)

by Admin 04.12.2010

Once again I am amazed at how money is misspent in health care, even though mucho technology is out there to cut costs. Arizona Health-e Connections Summit is a conference/trade show for people interested in linking disparate bits of data into meaningful information for both payers and providers (never mind the patient–she comes last). Roaming […]

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Mayo Clinic CEO Adds to Civil Discourse About Health Care

by Admin 04.08.2010

There has been precious little civil discourse around the reent health care legislation, but Victor Trastek, MD, CEO of Mayo Clinic Arizona,  made a distinguished contribution to it when he spoke to the Harvard Business School Club in Phoenix today. Of course he was speaking to educated people, but it was heartening to hear him […]

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