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Health Care Debate Needs a Facilitator

by Admin 02.25.2010

I spent most of the day watching the health care summit President Obama held at Blair House today. I’ve drawn only a few new conclusions. 1)The process needs an independent, trained facilitator.  The President isn’t one. He’s in favor of his own proposals; his party has a dog in the hunt. That reduces his credibility. […]

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Why You Will Soon Get Access to Your Health Information

by Admin 01.11.2010

A few years ago, my partners in ( a non-profit organized to help providers implement EHRs)  and I implemented an electronic health record in a physician practice. Along the way, we evaluated every major product and discussed with the physicians in the practice what they needed and how to examine their workflows to automate.  […]

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One Third of Health Care Dollars Are Wasted, Study Says

by Admin 10.26.2009

We knew it all along. One third of the dollars spent on health care are wasted, and 22% of that waste is outright Medicare fraud. I don’t know if you saw 60 Minutes last night, but there was an incredible segment on Medicare fraud that said it’s now bigger than drug cartels in Miami, because […]

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Insurance Companies Are Already Courting E-Patients

by Admin 10.06.2009

I spent the day at Health 2.0 conference in the Bay Area. This is the third year of the conference, and it has grown from a fringe group of early adopters and application developers to a bona fide e-patient movement, probably spurred by the broken health care system. Health plans already know that whatever versions […]

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