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British Doctors and Patients Refute Lies About NHS

by Admin 09.14.2009

Dear Senator Kerry, Your reported call for “lies” about health care reform to be refuted is essential and requires an urgent response. To that end, may we – British health professionals and patients – respectfully expose those “lies” which are about our National Health Service, a service which our experience shows to work successfully for […]

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Real Canadians Talking Real Health Care

by Admin 09.02.2009

As our health care debate has overheated, myths about the Canadian health care system abound. The Republicans and the media are using the Canadian system to criticize everything from the public option to breast cancer treatment as they continue to stonewall any reform. This video, and more like it, might finally change the debate by […]

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Throw in the Towel or Just Throw Up

by Admin 09.01.2009

All summer long I’ve been turning myself into an expert on health care reform. I always knew more about health care in the USA than most, because I did the public relations for the first HMO in Arizona and then went on to make health care a big segment of my company”s client roster. So […]

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Health Care Reform for Women, too

by Admin 05.13.2009

Image via Wikipedia The Obama administration is serious about health care reform and about getting support for it. This was in my Inbox this morning from Jenny Backus, probably because I held a health care meeting in my home and signed up on the health care reform site. A Special Video Message for You on […]

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