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Half of Consumers Think Health Care Spending is Wasted

by Admin 08.26.2011

We appear to have “bent the curve” in health care spending last year; national health spending grew at a historically unprecedented low of  3.9%. That’s including all national health expenditures — private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, and out-of-pocket expenses. You would think this was a good thing, right? But according to Deloitte’s new survey, not […]

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Mark Your Calendar for Health Insurance Changes

by Admin 06.04.2010

It’s amazing how health care reform, a burning issue six months ago, has fallen off the radar (unless you are sick). Nevertheless, Congress did enact something at the end of all that fighting, and pieces of the legislation will begin to go into effect this month. If you have a family, are self-employed, aging, already […]

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The Lost Art of Diagnosis

by Admin 04.29.2010

At lunch yesterday, I was the guest of a group that contained several retired physicians. We listened to a talk by a board member from a large non-profit local hospital system. The speaker, knowledgeable and well-prepared, talked about the cost drivers of health care in America, which he listed as an over-reliance on technology, the […]

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Health Care Reform Hit Parade: Senate Mix

by Karoli 11.23.2009

Now that the big “debate the bill” vote is passed, we have a week for pundits on both sides of the aisle to misinform the public about what the future of the health care reform bill is. There are two tunes, one theme, and melodies underneath both. There’s an unsung chorus or two in there, […]

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