Rock Health Makes Another Stab at Health Care Reform

by Admin 07.28.2011

What are the odds that I would find myself in a room with two other women who  also worked at Intel and were passionate about health care?  I thought maybe a million-to-one until I met Halle Tecco and Leslie Zeigler at Rock Health. They are truly star power. It gets better from there. Rock Health is a […]

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British Doctors and Patients Refute Lies About NHS

by Admin 09.14.2009

Dear Senator Kerry, Your reported call for “lies” about health care reform to be refuted is essential and requires an urgent response. To that end, may we – British health professionals and patients – respectfully expose those “lies” which are about our National Health Service, a service which our experience shows to work successfully for […]

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Class Warfare? The Insured vs the Uninsured

by Admin 03.27.2009

When Coastside Family Medical Center in Half Moon Bay suddenly closed its doors, both the insured and the uninsured members of the comunity suffered.  The insured had no idea that they were part of the “cause” of the problem; the CFMC was unable to get legal recognition as a clinic for the poor because we, […]

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No Providers, No Care

by Admin 03.14.2009

I’m taking a moment out of the hilarity of SXSW, a geek festival for filmies, music fans, and young software developers, to write about something much more important: upcoming lack of access to medical care. It is going to get worse and worse, folks, unless we keep on the government to change the incentives, fix […]

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