Where’s Health Care Reform Now?

by Admin 01.26.2010

Looks like the Massachusetts election sent everybody scurrying for cover. Congressional Democrats and Republicans are retiring in droves, lest they lose an election and forego those pension benefits. Try to imagine how I feel about that cowardly behavior. First, Congress sabotages true reform, and then it heads for the hills. The only one speaking out […]

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How Can You Ignore Something that’s 18% of Our GDP?

by Admin 01.19.2010

The pundit are saying the election today is a referendum on Obama’s health care reform plan. Massachusetts voters, they say, don’t care about health care reform. That’s too easy. People in Massachusetts already have universal health care. If they vote down Ted Kennedy’s legacy, it will be for many other reasons: either they don’t care […]

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If you doubt President Obama’s commitment to health care reform…

by Karoli 04.08.2009

Don’t. He is fully committed to it, and put some muscle into the words today with an executive order establishing the White House Office of Health Reform. Here’s some of the text: Policy. Reforming the health care system is a key goal of my Administration. The health care system suffers from serious and pervasive problems; […]

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President Obama Signs SCHIP Bill

by Karoli 02.04.2009

…and shoots across the bow of obstructionists in Congress. Expanded SCHIP benefits were widely supported on a bipartisan basis and sailed to President Obama’s desk where he signed it into law with a flourish and a warning.

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