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A Doctor Talks About ObamaCare Issues

by Admin 02.13.2013

A physician friend of mine answered my last post about Obamacare’s unintended consequences privately. I asked him if I could share his comments if I kept him anonymous, so I said I would. Here it is: I read your last newsletter regarding your surprise and disappointment with your recent experience on the fringes of Obamacare […]

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US Health Care Reform May Make us Like Canada: Good or Bad?

by Admin 06.22.2011

My family doctor emigrated to the US from Canada years ago. He has just installed an EMR and qualified easily for meaningful use stimulus funds because he takes Medicaid patients. To qualify for meaningful use under Medicaid, all you have to do is order the EMR; it doesn’t even have to be up and running. […]

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Healthcare’s Contract With America: Routine Maintenance

by Admin 08.04.2010

Until the 1970s, most medical care was primary care. Certain primary care doctors were known to be better at diagnosing things than others, and if you thought something was really wrong and your own doctor couldn’t figure it out, you went to a diagnostician. While these talented people may have charged a bit more, I […]

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No Providers, No Care

by Admin 03.14.2009

I’m taking a moment out of the hilarity of SXSW, a geek festival for filmies, music fans, and young software developers, to write about something much more important: upcoming lack of access to medical care. It is going to get worse and worse, folks, unless we keep on the government to change the incentives, fix […]

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