public option

Public Option: Arguments for and against

by Karoli 02.23.2010

With the introduction of President Obama’s blend of the House and Senate health care reform bills, there’s been a flurry of activity in the Netroots over the missing public option. Several groups are mobilizing for it at the same time that key Senators who supported it in the past are quietly leaving it on the […]

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We Need Health Care Reform, Even if it’s Bad

by Admin 12.14.2009

It is shocking to me that one Senator, in this case Joe Lieberman, can bring something as important as health care reform to a halt. Clearly everyone has worked very hard to compromise on this bill, and blowing it out of the water this late in the game, especially when you are now refusing to […]

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Public Option Dead? Or Recrafted?

by Karoli 12.08.2009

My answer: A little of both. Let’s start with an assumption that the rumors are actually true. It’s an assumption, subject to change later. (Update: Here’s the official release from Harry Reid with no details but also no eulogy for the public option. Update #2: Talking Points Memo has some sketchy unconfirmed anonymous details that […]

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Subsidies aren’t taxes

by Karoli 10.19.2009

The newest effort to undermine health care reform appears to be an effort to convert subsidies for health insurance to taxes. The Wall Street Journal: Think about a family of four earning $42,000 in 2016, which is between 150% and 200% of the federal poverty level. CBO says a mid-level “silver” plan will cost about […]

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