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Pat Elliott Talks Further About Her Cancer, Health Insurance

by Admin 10.15.2009

What you really want to know, and are too polite to ask, is how sick am I and what’s ahead? Yesterday I got some answers and am happy to share them with you. I’ve been on Gleevec for one month, and yesterday’s test results show that it’s WORKING. It wasn’t a given that it would, […]

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Dennis Prager Has 10 questions. I have 10 answers.

by Karoli 07.28.2009

Dennis Prager posed 10 questions to supporters of “Obamacare”1 This post answers them in the order asked. I have endeavored to support my contentions with facts from sources which are non-partisan, but I will state up front that I am a supporter of comprehensive health care reform that includes a robust public option. Question 1: […]

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A Glossary of Health Care Reform Definitions

by Admin 06.13.2009

Single Payer – Not necessarily socialized medicine. Not even necessarily the government. Just means one set of uniform paper work to one entity with common standards. Could be very efficient.Would certainly drive costs down for providers, who wouldn’t have to employ nine clerical workers for one professional, just to bill insurance companies and collect. Could […]

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