Millions have lost health insurance since 2007

by Karoli 05.04.2009

There are statistics, and then there are scary statistics. The Center for American Progress estimates that 1.3 million Americans have lost their health coverage in the last 4 months. We estimate that 2.4 million workers have lost the health coverage their jobs provided since the start of the recession, based on data from the U.S. […]

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Not a Woman’s Problem or a Man’s Problem

by Admin 04.16.2009

I’ve just read a Huffington Post article on the issues surrounding women’s health and what’s needed in health care reform. The author pointed to the fact that nearly one in five women lacks health insurance, and therefore delays care. The article, of course, is meant to draw the attention of the Obama administration to the […]

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Why the Stimulus Package Will Work

by Karoli 02.19.2009

I was going to write a nice dry post about all the changes that the economic stimulus package (ARRA) made to COBRA, but then I noticed that it has been done by many who have spent a considerable amount of time researching it. Instead, I’m going to update my COBRA story. I. Draconian Decisions Like […]

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President Obama Signs SCHIP Bill

by Karoli 02.04.2009

…and shoots across the bow of obstructionists in Congress. Expanded SCHIP benefits were widely supported on a bipartisan basis and sailed to President Obama’s desk where he signed it into law with a flourish and a warning.

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