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Public Option Dead? Or Recrafted?

by Karoli 12.08.2009

My answer: A little of both. Let’s start with an assumption that the rumors are actually true. It’s an assumption, subject to change later. (Update: Here’s the official release from Harry Reid with no details but also no eulogy for the public option. Update #2: Talking Points Memo has some sketchy unconfirmed anonymous details that […]

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Single-payer is still viable

by Karoli 09.09.2009

Throughout this summer’s debate and under all the noise, there’s been a slow, steady drumbeat for single payer health care to replace the piecemeal reforms on the table. I like single payer. I like the concept and I like the idea of paying a flat amount each year to know that if I get sick, […]

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Real Canadians Talking Real Health Care

by Admin 09.02.2009

As our health care debate has overheated, myths about the Canadian health care system abound. The Republicans and the media are using the Canadian system to criticize everything from the public option to breast cancer treatment as they continue to stonewall any reform. This video, and more like it, might finally change the debate by […]

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Dennis Prager Has 10 questions. I have 10 answers.

by Karoli 07.28.2009

Dennis Prager posed 10 questions to supporters of “Obamacare”1 This post answers them in the order asked. I have endeavored to support my contentions with facts from sources which are non-partisan, but I will state up front that I am a supporter of comprehensive health care reform that includes a robust public option. Question 1: […]

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