single payer

A Glossary of Health Care Reform Definitions

by Admin 06.13.2009

Single Payer – Not necessarily socialized medicine. Not even necessarily the government. Just means one set of uniform paper work to one entity with common standards. Could be very efficient.Would certainly drive costs down for providers, who wouldn’t have to employ nine clerical workers for one professional, just to bill insurance companies and collect. Could […]

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Health Care Reform May Well Fail

by Admin 06.10.2009
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Time to be Freaked Out About the Direction of Health Care Reform

by Admin 05.25.2009

OK. I’m officially freaked out by what is happening around health care reform after watching Bill Moyers’ Journal. Single payer, which was implemented successfully by every other developed country in the world, has been dismissed as “too disruptive.” Instead, we are going to get some hodge-podge combo that will neither lower costs nor decrease paperwork […]

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