Ebola Requires More Than an Isolation Unit

by Admin 10.15.2014

There is far too much misinformation out there about the spread of Ebola for me to keep silent. As an observer of the health care system for most of my life (married to not one, but two physicians) I was, for example, mystified that Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) has been treating Ebola since […]

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Health 2.0 Wearable Tech Runway

by Admin 09.23.2014

I’m sitting in Health2Con watching all the information that medical devices like glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, and scales can transmit to mobile devices and then to platforms that providers can monitor asynchronously. I predict there will be a new position created in providers’ offices, and perhaps insurers as well, called “Data Monitor,” who will […]

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Health 2.0 and the Disruption of Healthcare by Consumers

by Admin 09.22.2014

There’s an old Buddhist maxim, “what you look upon grows.” In the past eight years, everyone in the tech industry has looked upon digital health, and boy, has it grown. Indeed, it has actually begun to disrupt the last industry to be disrupted by digitization — health care. The Health 2.0 Conference, which I’ve attended […]

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Big Data, Obamacare, and Us

by Admin 04.29.2014

The explosion of data journalism has meant we’re hearing about more polls than ever. So this morning we learned that in a new Washington Post poll Obama’s approval ratings are the lowest ever, especially when people were asked about the Affordable Care Act.  Oh, they’re also low on the economy — don’t forget that! In […]

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